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Crisis within the UNP – Lessons from the SLFP’s Past

Posted by harimpeiris on August 25, 2011

The political drama of the past few weeks has been the leadership tussle within the opposition United National Party. The issue is of concern and relevance to not just UNP supporters but to all Sri Lankans, since the opposition in a democracy plays a crucial role as a check and balance on the government as well as presenting an alternative government when the next periodic election comes along, which in our case is the general election due in 2015. The consequences of the UNP’s internal conflict has been it inability to act as an effective check and balance on the government. Despite many issues, including corruption, poor governance and post war policies, on which the government should be held to account, the UNP has been almost solely preoccupied with its internal wrangles to the exclusion of matters of national importance. Read the rest of this entry »

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