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CBK Challenges SLFP on CJ Impeachment

Posted by harimpeiris on November 29, 2012

Former President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga (CBK) has since leaving office in 2005, at the conclusion of two consecutive terms, generally stayed above the fray of the Sri Lankan political divide. She has instead focused her energies and attention more on the world stage as an elder statesperson, directing her energies towards issues such as education of the girl child in South Asia, eradication of extreme poverty, the role of women in peace building and post conflict reconciliation. The Clinton Global Initiative, the Club de Madrid and her own Foundation have been the institutional framework from which this work is being done.

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Submissions on behalf of CJ

Posted by harimpeiris on November 26, 2012

(i) The document dated 14/11/2012 contains no charges in Law.

(ii) The purported charges even if proved do not constitute proved misbehavior within the meaning of Article 107(2) of the Constitution and therefore cannot result in the impeachment of our client.

(iii) The purported charges do not constitute charges within the meaning of the Law.

(iv) The purported Standing Orders have no legal validity in Law.

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Mangala defends CJ while UK mulls a CHOGAM boycott

Posted by harimpeiris on November 19, 2012

The speed of the Rajapakse regime’s impeachment against the Chief Justice was so swift, at the political speed of a duty free Lamborghini, that the defense against this unrestrained assault on democratic fundamentals in Sri Lanka was slow in coming.

However, starting things off where it should were the lawyers for the Chief Justice who produced a comprehensive and stinging refutation of the main charges against her, that of large sums of money in her account. The explanation which was also quite easily established and readily proved was something likely to be quite common in Sri Lanka, an overseas based family member remitting money for the purchase of an asset in Sri Lanka, in the CJ’s case, her sister sending funds for the purchase of an apartment in Colombo.  Her lawyers reiterated what the CJ’s young son in his Face book profile first clearly indicated, the Chief Justice was not going to be intimidated and go quietly; she was going to fight this tooth and nail.

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US reelects President Obama as Sri Lanka impeaches Chief Justice Bandaranaike

Posted by harimpeiris on November 7, 2012

Earlier this week, two important events occurred in two very different worlds, in the United States, the American electorate after a long and grueling political campaign reelected President Barack Obama, their first African American President, to a second term in office. At the same time, in Sri Lanka, the Speaker of Parliament, Chamal Rajapakse, entertained a motion by more than half the MPs in Parliament to impeach Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranaike, Sri Lanka’s first woman Chief Justice, just hours after her Court had delivered yet another judicial setback for the government, ruling that certain provisions of the proposed Divineguma Bill violated the Constitution and would be required to be passed with a special two third majority in Parliament. Read the rest of this entry »

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