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Human Rights Weaknesses in Sri Lanka – The US State Department Report

Posted by harimpeiris on April 13, 2011

Human rights flow from us being human beings. Civilized societies and legitimate states are required to protect them. Human rights violations in Sri Lanka are a sensitive subject. The government denies it; the people ignore it, all part of a social compact, where during a necessary war against separatist terrorism the suspension of civil liberties and resultant violations of human rights were necessary. As Cicero argued in the Roman Senate, “In the war of good against evil, the laws are silent”. However surely there is a very valid political question whether two years after the end of the war, such a situation should continue, whether as part of our peace dividend, an improvement in the human rights situation should not occur. Here are extracts of what the US State Department reported about the post war state of human rights in Sri Lanka, during 2010.

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